You are not alone, if you recognize some of the issues below….

Buying pants and jeans is a big and time-consuming challenge for most women, surveys shows that more than 50% of the women in the Western world are settling for what is available when it comes to finding a good fit and a perfect size.

Studies show that an average woman tries on 5 to 10 pairs of pants in the fitting room before she finally buys a pair or decides to give up.

2/3 of the women believe it is their own fault that they do not fit into the sizes offered in the stores, due to their proportions .

However, at MERRYTIME we see it the opposite way around….

You are not suppose to fit the pants, it is the pants, which are suppose to fit you…

At MERRYTIME we have studied valid body scans from all over the world to be able to cover the size diversity of women. To fulfill the above statement, it is not enough to offer 6 to 10 sizes as most brands do. This is because this level of sizing will only cover 5% to 15% of all the women in the world.

Based on these body scans we have developed our pants sizes ranging from 34 to 54, with 3 different figure types and 3 heights classes. 

Instead of having the ordinary 6 to 10 sizes, we stock up to 99 sizes in each pant. We do this to be able to cover as much as 95% of the women in the world.

We do not have a big collection of many different styles, colors and washes, but we do have the same style in ALL sizes for everybody. Thanks to our innovative fit and size concept all women in the world are now able to buy the same pair of pants.