About us


Women are equal, but different……….


At MERRYTIME we live the above statement in all aspects of our concept.

We love the diversity of all the beautiful women in the world.

We develop all our products with the greatest passion based on real women with all their different proportions.

We do not want to use discriminating names such as apple and pears in our communication.

When it comes to sizing, we have developed an innovative size system, which accounts for both the waist girth, waist / hip difference and the body height. 

We sell our pants and jeans to real women with real lives.

We do not believe that skinny fashion models from the cat walk, are what real women dream about in their busy everyday lives taking care of family, working hard, being with friends and doing their hobbies.

Buying pants and jeans is a big and time-consuming challenge for most women, and surveys shows that more than 50% of the women in the Western world are compromising when it comes to finding a good fit and a perfect size.

2/3 of the women blame themselves for not having the right proportions, and think it is their own fault that they do not fit into the sizes in the shops.

However, at MERRYTIME we see it the opposite way around.

The woman is not supposed to fit the pants. It is the pants, which is supposed to fit her….

To fulfill the above statement, it is not enough to offer 6 to 10 sizes as most brands do. This level of sizes will only cover 5% to 15% of all the women in Europe.

At MERRYTIME we have studied valid body scans from all over Europe to be able to cover the size diversity of the women.

Based on these body scans we have developed our pants and jeans from size 34 to 54 with 3 different figure types and finally 3 heights classes. 

Instead of having the ordinary 6 to 10 sizes, we stock up to 99 sizes in each pant and jeans, to be able to cover as much as 95% of the European women in our target group.

Thanks to this innovative fit and size concept all women in the target group are now able to buy the same pair of jeans or pants.

We do not have a big collection of many different styles, colors & washes, but we do have the same style in ALL sizes…..

We hope you will try us out.

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